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Manage your chrome tabs easily when you're multitasking


Are you a digital packrat? Specifically, are you the type of person that has 50 browser tabs open all the time? 💻 Then this extension is for you 🔥

Want to be an Efficient multi tasker 🚀

Press Ctrl (or) Command + K to open the extension, Navigate with arrow keys and press Enter to move to the tab ✌️

Happy Multitasking ❤️

5 Reviews
 +14 reviews
  • LandenHigh school student

    Great design, simple, does a good job at managing my tab chaos


    Could use a keyboard shortcut and arrow key navigation, so I can fly through without touching the mouse.

    This is a fantastic, elegant approach to tab management. Just needs keyboard navigation support so I can interact with it faster.

    Update: One more thing I noticed. When closing tabs using the extension, the window will close after each tab is closed. I wish it would stay open.

  • Pros: 

    This is awesome and just works. Nice and clean. Quickly added to my must-have extensions.


    Only thing I could think of is the ability to name my tab groupings but that would just be a nit-pick.

    This is extremely useful and have already become an extension I won't go without.

  • Gokul KathirvelFront End Dev, Zoho

    - Neatly designed

    - Search option is clever


    Nothing notable

    can be implemented as a new tab screen also! may be behind a settings switch

  • Romain ViolleauCo-Founder & CEO @ On Rewind (acquired)

    Love it! Very efficient and productive


    None for now

    The possibility of favoring a tab directly

  • Sambuddha SahaDesigner. Creator. Entrepreneur

    Haha! Yes, this is the perfect tool for this packrat


    No real cons

    It would be cool if it worked across multiple browser windows too