Go Swap Server

Currency exchange server API - Golang

Swap allows you to retrieve currency exchange rates from various services such as Google, Yahoo, Fixer, CurrencyLayer or 1Forge and optionally cache the results.

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Go Swap Server is a web application written in #golang to solve currency exchange challenges that face many developers while trying to fetch exchange rates Main features of web app are: - Convert with Single exchange source `/GET` - Convert with Multi exchange sources with fallback mechanism `/POST` - Google - Yahoo - CurrencyLayer - Fixer.io - themoneyconverter.com - openexchangerates.org - 1forge.com - Rate Caching - `120s Default` - Memory - `Default` - Redis - Rate decimal points rounding `4 Default` - Swagger UI - Clear API Request and Response - Docker image, Binary release and Heroku Demo - Clear documentation and 90%+ code coverage - Unit tested on live and mock data The project is hosted on github https://github.com/me-io/go-swap With heroku demo https://go-swap-server.herokuapp... Looking forward to get your feedback and ideas Thank you!