Currency converter in augmented reality with voice dictation


GMoney is an augmented reality currency converter that calculates the exchange rate by simply pointing your camera at a bill.

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Приложение помогло в дороге). Быстро распознает купюры, что радует. В нём мне понравилось, что обычный конвертер валюты можно сделать по-новому. Круто. Вышло увлекательно и полезно для жизни.


полезно, легко и хорошо работает


пока не нашла, но ищу

Thank a lot, Veronika)

A great app to instantly check out the currency exchange rate using the app camera. Want an Android version to be released so that Android users can also try it.


Augmented Reality, convenience, fastens the process of checking out (or calculating) the current exchange rates


Maybe, I'll find them in the future (e.g. there won't be updates in the exchange rates), but now everything is ok

Nice! I will try to make android version. Thank a lot, Helen!

The product is based on AR modern technology, useful for checking currency exchange rates. A very convenient and user-friendly app)


A good app - especially useful for travelling


Didn't found

Yes. Thank a lot, Diana!