Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ

Simplifying sending screenshots from gmail (free)

Take a screenshot with 1 click, mark it up, and send it as a link to anyone!

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Thanks for hunting us, @_Jacksmith! We're so pleased and surprised to see it hunted, and even more so to see it featured at the eod on a Friday! EEK! 😬😬😬 Here's some background info to catch everyone up: Snap it, mark it, send it! Free Gmail Screenshot by @cloudhQ_net. Here's a blog post that explains how to use it: Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ is a small part of our larger suite of freemium Chrome productivity tools that you can find here:
@hakosam Thanks, Sam! The whole team has been working really hard on simple Gmail productivity tools so that Gmail can be your "go to" business hub.
@hakosam @nassaraf Yes, and please enjoy from a list of our freebie Chrome extension tools that can be found here:
Fantastic timesaver!! Well done!!
@tara_dewitt_coomans Thank you! We try to release freemium, useful, Gmail-related products once a week! :)
Wow this is an awesome app. It lets me communicate so much better with members of my team that are remote. Just a few clicks and boom, done.
@vnguard @nassaraf Designed exactly for that purpose: remote teams :)
simple and easy to use as I go through my new designs with team. makes working with anyone remote so much better!
@caseygrooms Great point! I use it with my designers too. It keeps us all on the same page and is a total communication life saver for our business.
@caseygrooms @nassaraf I also use it with some of our development team. I know it saves me time with hard to coordinate phone calls, and back and forth emails explaining what I need them to do. Saves me so much production time! :)
Amazing and super useful! Also overcomes the different gmail behavior with attach / d&d
@arielassaraf Yes. We wanted to make it really seamless. Enjoy!
@arielassaraf @nassaraf This is exactly why we decided to have it attach in your email. Good on you for noticing the details we put into it!