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#3 Product of the DayMarch 12, 2020
We made looking for the needle in the unicode haystack easy. 🔎 Search for words, categories, look-alikes or colors – you can’t do it wrong.
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Hi PH! 👋 I’m a developer, designer and writer and looking for the correct characters has always been a mess. The macOS character view is okay, but I still ended up googling the correct unicode characters. That’s why we made Glyphfinder. To make it the best glyph search out there we manually tagged 34.000 characters. You can search for words, categories, look-alikes or even colors – you can’t do it wrong. We put together a few good examples on the site. Aaand it’s available for macOS *and* Windows, how cool is that? 🤓 Let me know what you think! Hans
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@hanspagel Congrats on the launch! This looks really good! Curious to know are both native apps or Electron?
@iamtekeste it’s Vue.js & Electron and we use a native library to read out the keyboard layout to show the correct keyboard shortcuts for characters ❤️
@hanspagel Awesome! I just bought it! If you are accepting feature requests, I was expecting clicking on a glyph to copy it to the clipboard. My favorite part is the look alike search! ❤️
@iamtekeste 🙌 you can double-click, press Enter or Command + C (macOS) / Ctrl + C (Windows)
@hanspagel Alright, you guys got the best UX! Pressing Enter will work for me!
I'd like to see it on linux
@emmanuel_valverde_ramos1 definitely considering to build a Linux version!
BTW We share all our numbers
This looks great! It is not really useful for me but I will definitely recommend it to friends who will make use of it. Congrats!
@thatakke thanks Akke! you should give it a try though. 😅
Great app. I like the design! Would be nice to have the option to display it in the macOS menu bar instead of letting it sit in the dock all the time.
@alexkaessner thanks Alexander! great idea! added it to our public feedback board: