See your home's energy usage. Save on your electric bill.

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KeithHunter@keithstatus · Helping great startups grow
Imagine if you were trying to watch your weight, but you weren’t allowed to see what you were eating. That is why electric bills suck. The folks at Glow understood this, and somehow found a way to measure a home’s energy usage wirelessly in real time. Their device shows how much electricity a home is consuming (by glowing, as the name would suggest) and the app will alert you if your energy usage is higher than normal.
Charles Jo
Charles Jo@charlesjo · Creator, Startup Study Group (SSG)
Eric Marcoullier
Eric MarcoullierMaker@eric_marcoullier
Years ago I worked with a company that was trying to change individual energy usage patterns for people and it went nowhere because there was a disconnect between consumption and reporting. At the time there wasn't a way to create ambient real-time feedback of energy usage. I'm so freakin' glad that Glow is here so I can get better at watching and ultimately reducing the amount of energy I use. #GoGlow
The instant feedback is really the key here. (Not having to do any wiring helps, too.)