Glorious Demo

Create glorious animations to show your code in action.

Glorious Demo is an open source javascript library that exposes an easy API to create animations for your code samples. Projects like are already using it.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Makers! Inspired on WeDeploy's homepage, I've just published this open source library to help others creating beautiful animations for code samples. Any feedback will be very welcome. I hope you like it.
Nice! I like that the animations are light-weight. First thought - this would be really handy in school for CS hw assignment instructions ... haha
@zelena Thank you Elena!
Just as a heads up, when you use the code editor in safari, the line that shows the user where you are in the terminal isn't displaying correctly. Instead it's types on the line above where it presents to the user. See screenshot:
@sam_ayres Hey Sam! I just noticed that I really need to fix a couple visual bugs in Safari. Thank you so much for letting me know πŸ‘πŸ»
@rcamargo No problem! I'll definitely be using it when I have reason too. 😁
Really cool! I'm not even aware of another tool that does this.
@dilan Thank you Dilan!
Really amazing one !!!! Great tool
@beshu09 Thank you Esh!