Global Web Hosting Market Share 2016

Live chart with the most popular hosting companies worldwide

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Derek E. Silva
Derek E. Silva@dereksilva
One big problem is that this doesn't account for hosting companies that don't own their own IP addresses. I run a hosting company called CleverHost, but we rent our servers from OVH. So even if we were hosting a million domains, they would all be attributed to OVH using this methodology.
Emma@matew · Designer
I suppose everyone looking for some reliable webhosting provider should first compare offers and choose the best. According to my knowledge company has quite amazing user-friendly hosting plans which are well-supported and their prices are modest.
curious george
curious george@vivaladiva22
When choosing hosting for your website you need to take into account a few factors – how big is your website and how much traffic it gets, does it need a really high level of security and of course, you need to set a budget.
Roman Petruchyk
Roman Petruchyk@slink · just a studennt
Wow, seems like almost a monopoly to me. almost 20% of entire market belongs to 1 company. There are so menu underestimated companies, and they have way better quality and support. A perfect example is which really has a high level of service.