Global Micro-Mobility Landscape

Mapping shared + dockless micro-mobility around the world

A searchable and filterable map of the world showing where dockless scooter, bike, and moped operators are currently active.
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I work at Grin Scooters, the leading micro-mobility company in Latin America. As part of my role in our Revenue team, I lead our Market & Competitive Intel efforts, which includes a lot of data collection (some of which I'm happy to share here today!). This map includes all the major shared micro-mobility companies I could find and the locations where they're currently operating. πŸ›΄πŸš²πŸ›΅ I wanted to make this information available to the public so that anyone can see the global impact this mobility alternative is having on cities. Like my teammates, I'm passionate about the positive impact micro-mobility can have in our communities, helping make our cities more accessible and less car-centric. Using the search bar, the map can be filtered by vehicle type (try: 'Scooter'), region (try: 'Europe'), city (try: 'New York'), and company (try: 'Grin'). The map's data can also be easily downloaded as a CSV or KML. Let me know if you see any data gaps (I'll be actively monitoring/adding) and let me know what you think! Any other data you'd like to see?