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Anonymously discover career opportunities with AI


An AI career tool for techies who aren't looking for a job.

Anonymously discover career opportunities, know your worth, and meet amazing companies.

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Nir Ofry
Elad Levy
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  • Rotem Yifat
    Rotem YifatProduct manager, Logdog

    The mobile app makes the Workey experience even more simple


    Waiting for the Android version

    I really like Workey, and its great that you have a mobile app now - it is very important when looking for a job, that way no one will take a glance on my screen.

    But what about the less cooler kids with Android? when can we join the mobile party?

    Rotem Yifat has never used this product.
  • Koral Winter Vasserman
    Koral Winter VassermanI am all about productivity

    They know exactly what I might like - and saves time in browsing in non relevant positions


    The mobile app is missing some of the web features - I hope they get it soon!

    I like Workey mostly because it works for me in the background - while continue with my life. I get a job match from time to time, exposing me to what's out there for me. When I see something I like, I am click away from it. The mobile app makes the process even simpler and clandestine - all I want from a job match service.

    Koral Winter Vasserman has used this product for one month.
  • Nir Ben-Yair
    Nir Ben-YairFrontend developer

    There are tons of hot companies, and its completely anonymous.


    Its mainly for me and my tech friends, not other professions

    I love Workey, I found my current job through the platform and the process was awesome.

    Nir Ben-Yair has used this product for one year.
  • Maayan Yudovitch-Levin
    Maayan Yudovitch-LevinProduct designer

    Workey's mobile app is awsome! It has a variety of so many companies and the ux is simple and intuitive!!


    waiting for the Android app!

    I actually found my current job through Workey, and it truly was a successful match! the process was fast, easy and fun!

    Maayan Yudovitch-Levin has used this product for one year.
  • Dikla
    DiklaSoftware engineer

    It's completely anonymous and it uses AI to give you suggestions for shifting & boosting your career.


    No android app, only iPhone

    Overall I like the product!

    Dikla has used this product for one month.