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#3 Product of the WeekMarch 13, 2017
Hagbard Celine
Sevda Anefi
  • Pros: 

    fast, easy to get startet, reliable


    only node.js supported

    The best platform for prototyping NodeJS server functionality I´ve seen so far. You can start really quick.

    Hagbard Celine has used this product for one month.
Can confirm, Glitch is friggin awesome. We use it in support engineering at Wistia _all the time_ to prototype things out and reproduce/troubleshoot video embedding issues. (Just one use case, among many).
@mrdavidjcole that's an awesome use-case! I have to check this out now.
@mrdavidjcole hell of a testimonial! :D
@imvassilis hell of a product tho
Is it just a rename for Gomix ? looks exactly the same
@victormustar We've re-named to Glitch and improved the community site, see for more details. We have a ton of product developments in the works, so look out for changes soon.
@victormustar It is the same. The advantage of having PH clout is that you can drive traffic to your site whenever the mood strikes you. PH is just a distribution platform for the well-connected.
It all started here. What a nice evolution of Gomix 💪🏼 Can't believe I've been working on similar for quite a while now, there's a definitely a need for "friendly communities" I suppose 😸 Congrats on the launch @anildash et. al. 🙌🏼
@ambonium That's cool - there's definitely room for multiple approaches to solving these problems
@_gw working on a totally different niche though, still feels really nice to know you guys are hustling this ;) #motivation.
Fog Creek on a roll. Congrats @anildash and team! Glitch reminds me of all the early days of coding where I needed to set up my environment, double-check that I installed all the packages correctly, yada yada yada. All just to write "Hello World!".
This is cool, and surprisingly fast. I searched a django repo, forked it, added an endpoint, and then tested my startup's embeddable widget. I can see the utility @mrdavidjcole from Wistia was talking about
@ikirigin nice, glad you found it useful Ivan