Discover exploding trends before they take off

Glimpse is a monthly newsletter that surfaces rapidly growing trends: companies, products, industries, and styles.

The trends are identified by tracking nearly every word and phrase across search, media, shopping, and social websites, then surfacing those that show rapid growth.

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I use the industries info and its nuts how much this has helped our marketing teams, product dev teams as well as PR. The trends guide our decisions in narrowing down where to focus our funds/ efforts


some of the smartest most amazing insights. the surfaced trends are pretty neat- one of the better newsletters in a long time.


Would love daily insights. Also would be cool if it was a tool instead of a newsletter

Stuart CampbellCEO and Co-Founder of Rhiz
Yes! I assumed it was a tool, at first glance.
Noah Fram-Schwartz
I love building things
Hi Hunters! We first built Glimpse to get a better sense of where to start new ventures and where to make new investments. It’s since evolved into a monthly newsletter for entrepreneurs, investors, growth marketers, and generally interested people, to discover exploding trends before they take off. We consume as much data as possible - all the words and phrases being used above a certain frequency threshold across major sites that represent the largest categories of activity - social, shopping, search, media, entertainment, etc. We then surface the trends that show rapid growth, rapid decline, or other interesting features. Have questions? Ping me!
Jordan Gonen
trying my best.
this is awesome! Noah is one of the best and most clever makers I know.
Eben AkwuruohaBusiness Dev Lead at RED Africa
@jrdngonen Very true...This is very clever
Jonathan Z. White
Designer and Javascript engineer
Noah has been working on this for a while now 🙏 Glimpse provides a lot of interesting insight, even identifying micro-trends as they are taking off. I'm really looking forward to see where this goes!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Suuuuper interesting. I didn't realize canned wine is on an upswing. 🤔
Jordi Mon Companys
PMM @ GitLab
@rrhoover Canned alcohol is always better!
David Iwanow
Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
@rrhoover time to create that canned wine startup i guess....
Kyle Taylor
Product, Upfront Ventures
Hunting down comments...