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Carlo Almendral@carlo2nd · CEO | Data School
Neat idea. Wish I got more context as to why a business scored a certain way. For example, why does Radio Shack show "Civil Rights" and "Foreign Policy?" Not saying they are wrong, just looking for proof points. Separate note: I wish there were something like this for financial products to invest in.
Barry Klein@gliabk · Co-Founder, Glia
@carlobff Thanks Carlo! The Glia Score, how to convey it and what proof points to show are definitely something we talk about A LOT. We're experimenting with some different ideas for how to package all the data we generate on companies, while keeping it from being overwhelming.
Tahlia Sutton@tdsutton716 · Product, Glia
@carlobff @gliabk Those categories tell you what values were contemplated in your score. If your score is good (blue) then you both support the same thing. If poor (red) then you are in opposition. If somewhere in between, then it's a mixed bag and the score is determined based on where the value falls in your prioritization. We eventually plan to make … See more