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Barry Klein
@gliabk · Co-Founder, Glia
Thanks @corleyh! You nailed it! One of the hardest parts was thinking thru how to onboard people in a way that was fun but informative. The idea for @glia_is came when I was trying to find a place to go out for dinner one night and realized that I didn't know anything about the people that owned the businesses and where they'd be spending the profits from my meal. Quickly, you realize how little you know about all these businesses. So, I got a great team together to tackle this. I love the idea of encouraging people to go to places that extend their hard earned dollars and it was important to us that we be apolitical and withhold any kind of judgement. Let the people speak!
Tahlia Sutton
@tdsutton716 · Product, Glia
@corleyh @glia_is @gliabk We focused our energy on making a really clean simple experience so that the complexity of stating your values seemed a little less complex. Would love to get some feedback on the UX and the scoring like only the PH community can. Always welcome comments.