Glasses by Warby Parker

Find the perfect frames using iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera


Glasses by Warby Parker cleverly using the iPhone’s camera to take maps of people’s faces, and use that data to recommend styles of glasses that will best fit your face. It’s a step beyond the digital try on system the company has previously offered, where it would try to place a virtual pair of glasses on a picture to let you see how it looks.

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Software Engineer at Quizlet

Overall, definitely a novel use of the iPhone X's face mapping. I'm also more than a little happy that I picked the first pair this recommended all on my own :)


Awesome concept, pairs really well with their try-at-home kit so you can get fewer duds and more legitimate options to pick from


Would be even better if you could actually virtually "try on" the glasses to see they look, instead of just getting suggestions

Principal Designer, Slalom Build
Seriously, Snapchat's been doing amazing AR filtering for years now. You'd think companies like Warby Parker would've been all over this kind of tech to deliver great virtual experiences of trying on glasses.

This app will help me to understand what of the glasses should I buy


I think it looks great


I cannot use it because I need to change store in my phone to USA. I'm from other country and cannot use it :(

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With the feature already being so common these days, the most useful and beneficial feature would be to actually try glasses using ARKit. This could even handle sizing if the user chooses to check them out directly from within the app, and of course, the automatic sizing detected by the camera could be overridden by the user manually during checkout if they so chose.


Very helpful


Not as convenient