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#5 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2018

GlassDollar is an investor discovery tool for founders who’d rather create than waste time on the fundraising process.

Based on your industry, start-up stage and location, GlassDollar shows you investors that are most likely to be interested in your start-up.

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31 Reviews4.8/5
Hi guys, Thank you for checking out GlassDollar. The process of fundraising can be quite rough for early-stage start-ups: finding out who to talk to and how to reach them is a time-consuming nightmare for many founders. We wanted to change that, and so enter GlassDollar. Thanks to aggregated data, GlassDollar’s database of Angel investors and VCs is ultra complete. Search for investors by entering your start-up’s industry, location and the investment you need. Our algorithm sorts through thousands of results to bring you investors that are most likely to invest in your start-up. Our investor cards display data points like funds left for new investments, recent investment activity, ticket size analysis and links to partners’ LinkedIn profiles - all designed to make qualifying investors easier than ever. Add investors to your Favorites and export your investor shortlist. Over 100 founders are using GlassDollar this way every day. We’re now taking things a step further and turning the fundraising game upside-down. We want to enable founders to be found by investors instead of having to search for them. We’ve started connecting start-ups to top investors – for free. Upload your pitch deck once, and get contacted every time there’s an investor match. What do you guys think? Do you know someone who could save time by using GlassDollar? What else would be useful to you when fundraising? Excited to learn from your feedback. I’m sticking around, so if you have any questions please just comment below 👇
@fabian_dudek love the tool! Just sent it to a client who's getting ready to raise, it should save her a ton of time. I assume you're intentionally playing off of GlassDoor, what was the thought process there?
@andrewaskins thank you very much! Saving time so your client can "create" is the goal. Yes indeed. We started GlassDollar as a side project with the goal of "creating a Glassdoor for investors". However, collecting a critical mass of high-quality reviews seemed like an objective that required more trust and share of mind from founders. So we focused on what we could do well now "help founders discover investors to talk to".
@fabian_dudek I can't find any info on your site concerning the cost for being listed as an investor. Clicking on the "Add Investors" link doesn't provide any information in that regard. Could you clarify this? Thanks!
Hey @franckinjapan. At the moment we are fully focused to build something founders and investors love. So it is free for now :) Eventually, we see investors paying for leads they receive... There is however always the opportunity to contribute via the little "contribute" button in the bottom left corner. :)
@fabian_dudek Thank you for your prompt reply!
Very useful resource to get familiar with the early-stage funding landscape. Certainly a must-have for any startup founder. I love the feature that estimates the funds left for investment for each VCs: great way to prioritize your investors short-list
@luckyvalentini thank you! Working hard to improve the experience based on your feedback.

Used it already to find some interesting prospects. Cool platform, approved!


Simple, beautiful and full of useful data


Nothing yet

Thank you!

I met GlassDollar about 2 months ago and found it very important from the get go.

Any entrepreneur, journalist, venture capitalist wanna be, or someone who is interested about investors should drop by GlassDollar, for sure


Very beautiful design and a very thorough list. The team is always working on getting more contacts and input more data


None, so far

Hey Andre, Thank you for your review. Let me know if you have any thoughts about potential improvements.
A helpful tool that solves the issue of searching for the right investor ;) -> Nice UX details here and there, some things can be still improved Good job
@mschreder thank you! Is there anything specific we can improve or can you point me in a direction?