Give Local

Buy gift cards + support a local restaurant through COVID

Give Local helps you buy gift cards and support your favorite local restaurant through the COVID pandemic.
Buy a gift card, and give restaurants the cash they need to make it through this trying time.
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I'm concerned for the many businesses that will be economically hamstrung by lockdowns and the drop in foot traffic. Brent and I teamed up to build Give Local - a site that makes it easy for you to support a restaurant in your city by purchasing a gift card. We're still VERY much in beta, and would love help submitting more restaurants, more cities and getting this in front of restaurant owners. And for those who will inevitably ask, we make $0 on this and take no fees. Just doing this to try and help restaurants stay in business.
@jwmares Is it open source? Would be cool to contribute to and I know others who would be interested.
Yes I love this idea! in fact, I had this idea, except you guys actually did something with the idea. Great job, I'll do my best to share. Suggestion: reach out to Nextdoor with this idea. They may help you push it out to their local communities.
@jwmares interested to hear how you built this so quickly? Is it custom code or did you use a no-code stack?
@guesto We built the whole thing on in a day!
@jwmares That's great! Good for you. I hope this gets some real traction.
@guesto @jwmares Gotta love good old !Bubble .... awesome release by them today with Zeroqode
Great work! Excited to buy a few gift cards :)
@_justirma thanks for your support!
Did USA Today buy this?
Love the initiative. Great job @jwmares @brentsum