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#2 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2014
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It would be cool if it showed you pictures of their development. Basically allow them to submit snippets of code that they've written to Hot or Not, instead of pictures of themselves. Design would be easier with Dribbble, though I believe that was already done.
@toobulkeh Yeah we hoped to get that in there (along with most starred repos, recent commits etc) but unfortunately run out of time. The response has been amazing, so we'll definitely be doing some more work :)
I am a bit confused, is this for hiring, opensource, community. or for hooking up with people with github accounts. I feel like its hard to make a yes no decision on an os developer with the type of data displayed on the card. I think it could be a cool way to meet other OS developers but it really needs to do more to try to show me matches that might be relevant to what I do. The major UX problem is seeing the work of a developer and making an informed decision. Right now i dont know where to look.
@j_mcnally it's to meet cool people working on things that interest you. If you work on OS stuff, and see some other people doing some similar work you might be able join forces, or ask some questions, or teach someone something. Sadly, in the two days we worked on it ( we didn't get any nice algorithms into it to make that a little smarter than "random matching". We would love to fix that, but also provide some more information about the user and what they work on (incl languages etc). I hope to come back to it, we're just a little busy with the rest of the business now :)
Very well applied concept! Congrats guys.