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Metrics for data-driven engineering leaders


GitPrime analyzes your codebase, for unprecedented reporting on the software development process. We help data-driven engineering understand work patterns and the people-side of shipping great software.

8 Reviews
James Mundy
Ben Thompson
Jesse Litton
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  • Jake Peters
    Jake PetersCEO & Founder @HelpDocs

    Gives insane visibility into the performance of your engineering team


    None that I've seen. It's a killer product, and the team's made awesome progress over the past few years.

    When I was getting started as a founder, I was admittedly a lacklustre developer. To be fair, as a founder now, I'd still say I was pretty average. That said, I can crack out some decent code when the time comes.

    But y'know what's even harder than writing consistently decent code yourself? Making sure your dev team's writing consistently decent code too.

    GitPrime gives you high level insights into your team's performance, actionable insights and reports. When something catches your eye you can dig in and explore more. Invaluable for anyone running a dev team, no matter your coding experience. Highly recommended.

    Jake Peters has used this product for one year.
  • James Mundy
    James MundyBuilding interesting things with code

    Fantastic product with really informative reporting into where your developer's time is being spent.


    It can take a while to start to understand some of the terms and charting but thankfully it is accompanied by good documentation

    I first discovered GitPrime through ProductHunt shortly after it launched and used it as an early customer while working on my first startup. We were unusual in that we were a small team of two developers and while the product is designed for larger and more established teams, we found the reports really useful to analyse our work and see just how much time we were spending contributing new code, dealing with technical debt and refactoring legacy code.

    James Mundy has used this product for one year.
  • Cassandra Beaulieu
    Cassandra BeaulieuFounder & Digital MKG @ bornmkg.com

    Now possible to have objective conversations in dev teams. Great onboarding and support.


    Reports are very dense and can have a learning curve

    Having metrics for software development is a tough problem to solve. They get it right. Pricing on the high side but makes sense given the cost of dev salaries.

    Cassandra Beaulieu has used this product for one month.
  • Kristian Wilson
    Kristian WilsonCTO at Future Digital

    Allows you to understand the relative performance of your development team objectively.


    Pricing - would love to be able to use in my current small startup

    Early adopter long term fan of what GitPrime are trying to do. Many of the businesses I have worked in have had the same problem of identifiying who their top performing developers were and who needed help. Time and time again, developers were promoted on subjective opinion rather than objective fact.

    GitPrime changes that! It allowed me to bridge the developer/business disconnect and objectively show the impact a developer has on the product. The documentation is excellent, and the team were super accommodating whenever I had a question around what the data was telling me.

    The metrics open up a whole set of wider veiwpoints and insights into how your team is doing. It also helped me understand who was struggling with a problem, and who was doing too much and likely to burn out. It made it easy for the business to visualise the impact of overtime, and the inevitable undertime that followed.

    Overall, a really useful tool in the management toolbox!

    Kristian Wilson has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Engineering KPIs and planning sprints and epics is no longer a guessing game


    None. Tons of value added to our team.

    Now we have visibility into our entire software development lifecycle and we're able to measure the human/teams impact on product. It's inspiring. These insights and reports are critical to our continuous delivery and improvement efforts.

    Michael Smith has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great product


    Crazy pricing. Assumes 40 hours a week.

    Minimum pricing package is for 10 users and even for that many devs its still extortionate. These guys need to look at a product like Mixpanel as a way to run a SAAS product and aquire new customers.

    Andrew Edward-Adams has used this product for one week.
  • Daniel Ursuleanu
    Daniel UrsuleanuDigital Creator

    Solves a tough problem for managing developers.


    Nothing so far

    Great product

    Daniel Ursuleanu has used this product for one month.
  • Nova Labs
    Nova LabsCTO Nova Labs

    Simple product, great UX, provides valuable data.


    No product that digitally quantifies engineering performance will ever be "perfect." Too sensitive an area w/ too much nuance.

    We (and other companies) spend a lot on engineers. Having a sanity check on performance within an org, and across all companies, is very valuable.

    Nova Labs has used this product for one year.