GitLab is an open-sourced code hosting platform for all of your projects.

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I love gitlab. It's cheaper to run a gitlab server on Digital Ocean than it is to buy a github private account. I use it to back up old projects that I do not want to open source.

My favoutite Git version control.

If I need to track time, spent on the particular issues in GItLab, I use Gitlab integration with TMetric to get all the neccessary information.


Merge request and code reviews are really powerful


UI could be a bit improved

We ran GitLab internally for well over a year, however after experiencing a few problems (big repositories,, I made the decision that we'd start paying for Private Organisation repositories on GitHub. GitLab is great, but having to manually update everything each month etc started taking its toll on my available time. Whilst GitLab truly is a great piece of software there are a lot of pull requests that are left open on it for a long time, because there doesn't seem to be a roadmap of features until the owners say "Actually, this isn't what we want to do with it." - which is fine, but be more proactive with it.
@jbrooksuk GitLab B.V. CEO here. Thanks for the feedback James. I'm sorry that you got many 'this request can't be merged with GitLab' errors. It is hard to say what caused this without examining your installation in detail. I saw and thought it was solved to your satisfaction, I'm sorry to hear it was not. We understand that the monthly upgrades are a hassle and we plan to make the process easier soon by offering a PPA so you can do apt-get update. Also, you can host your repo's for free at You mentioned we don't have a roadmap, this is true since the community is in control. However, we do want to avoid "Actually, this isn't what we want to do with it." situations at all costs. That is why there are over 180 items labeled 'accepting merge requests' on Please let me know if you have any questions/comments or if I can help in any way.
@sytses Hey, the issue was resolved, but we still decided to move due to not being a Ruby shop and having to manually update every month :) Like I said above, GitLab is great.
@jbrooksuk Thanks James. Please let me know if we can help moving to in the future. Our last release includes a one-click importer for repositories, issues and comments on issues.
Best Product ever found! Thanks @sytses
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@yoginth You're very welcome! Thanks for posting.
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We at Univention love working with the GitLab developers and provide the software to a wide range of users via our UCS App Center. It is easily added, integrated and managed with all of our UCS Editions and Subscriptions.