Decentralized alternative to GitHub and GitLab

GitHuman is a decentralized alternative to GitHub and GitLab (Git sharing for everyone without any discrimination or restriction). It's built with IPFS and IPLD. It works without a centralised server. Host your git repositories using IPFS + IPLD.
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Great initiative! However reading the documentation it seems that the repositories have to be pushed to and read from Also, I cannot find the codebase for githuman's website. The storage layer does seem to be decentralized since built on IPFS, however it seems that this project would become dead if would be taken down, therefore not so decentralized. Am I missing something?
@doweig Thanks! GitHuman UI is optional. You can push and pull repos entirely using command line by following the documentation. Also I will open source the UI soon. Even if is taken down, you can still push and pull repos using command line.