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@anujadhiya Awesome!! Thanks. And that's a pretty fantastic list if anyone's looking to supercharge their GitHub
My man @tmbexp has cooked up something good for peeps that spend too much time in Github. Matt tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind making this.
Hey hey @blendahtom thanks for the Hunt! We needed a way to stay on top of everything that was happening in our Engineering teams. We specifically wanted to know, "How we did this week?" and "What's left to do?" Additionally, I wanted to know if it was business as usual, or if there was something that needed my attention, *without* having to play the telephone game of chasing down issues. So, we built TLDR! It's a recap of each week's activities, giving us insights, and dare I say a bit of analytics! :), about everything that's going on. From the feedback of our early customers, a lot of CTO's and CEO's are using it as a way keep a grasp on everything that's happening, as well as a way to communicate updates about their progress with the rest of team. And this has becoming more frequent in just the past few weeks, but more and more ScrumMasters and Agile coaches are using their TLDR's as part of their weekly Retrospectives, which is great! We want to speed up the rate of communication inside your Company, especially at the Executive level. We actually want to decrease the amount of time you spend using our service and are working to deliver "answers" to questions and not just more dashboards. We know there's ton of important things for you to be doing and just want to help in that process. Thanks again Tom for posting us! If anyone has any questions, I'll definitely jump in here. Or feel free to email us at (<-- that's a special email we set up just for y'all. We respond to every message).
Looks a lot like WorkingOn, but focused on GitHub.
1. Does it work with Github Enterprise? 2. Can you subscribe to updates only from specific repos?
@andygcook 1) We're looking into this, and 2) The short answer is no, but the long (term) answer is Definitely! Yes, this is where we're taking the product. Currently though, we do provide roll ups on a per repo level, though that just isn't customizable at the moment. Andy, I can notify you when those features become publicly available. Also, I'd love to chat more offline ( to make sure we fully understand what you need and want.