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Placeholder variables for GitHub comments and issues

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Hello Hunters, it all started with a tweet from @mxstbr: "A killer feature would be variables like REPO_NAME in @github saved replies, that would allow me to use them so much more!" Since I am kind of into Google Chrome Extensions right now 😊 I gave it a try. Around 30 minutes later I had a rough prototype. Two hours later the extension was finished and published on the Google Chrome store. @mxstbr was happy and so was I 😏 I thought this extension could be useful to others too so I decided to post it here on Product Hunt. The extension allows you to use variables like {repo_name}, {owner} or {author} inside your comments or issues, they will then be replaced with the actual value. This comes handy in combination with saved replies as the following GIF will demonstrate:
@neuling2k @mxstbr @github Nice! Do you need a Firefox port for this one, too? :)
@neuling2k @mxstbr @github clever. btw, how hard it is to port from Chrome to Opera? i know i'm an oddball on this one... it used to be you could even use Chrome extensions in Opera, but seemingly those days are gone. anyhoo, kudos!
@treejanitor @mxstbr @github Hi. honestly, I have no idea :D But after a short google search I found the following: This might work? You should give it try and tell us the result.
@neuling2k @mxstbr @github Nice! It worked - thanks for the tip. πŸ† This opens up a world of other possibilities for me _too_... in particular, hopefully the 'one tab' extension which I desperately in Opera. Thank you!!
@noniq please, yes. Shouldn't be crazy hard since Web Extensions landed in Firefox 48.