A fast and light git client for Mac with Finder integration

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GitFinder is a git client for Mac with Finder integration. It shows a file's git status with icon badges and executes git operations, all from Finder. GitFinder can also operate like a full-featured git client, with rich repository browser showing local and remote branches, tags, submodules, diffs, history, blames and conflict resolutions.

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Tobias Günther
Rohan Khanna
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  • Tobias Günther
    Tobias GüntherCEO, fournova



    Rip-off of Tower (

    Disclaimer first: I'm part of the team behind the "Tower" Git Client ( 

    Let me clarify: I am in no way complaining about competition itself. Competition is a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem. I'm glad we have competitors who spur us. And I'm glad they deliver their own solution to a problem.

    A completely different story, however, is when your features (or even large parts of your product) are being copied. This is clearly not a "gray area" anymore, where we "draw inspiration from our competition".

    Here’s a screenshot so you can decide for yourself:

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Dragan Milić
Dragan MilićMaker@milke · Founder of ZigZag
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Christina Martin
Christina Martin@christinamartin6 · Glasses, games and brands - that's me
Well, whole idea is good. However it was already realised in similar apps, wasn't it?
Dragan Milić
Dragan MilićMaker@milke · Founder of ZigZag
@christinamartin6 I don't know anything about Linux. On Windows, there's TortoiseGit (and TortoiseSVN for Subversion). On Mac, there's only one other git client created around similar concept (Finder integration), GitFinder is the second one (as far as I know). So yes, the idea is not original, but I dare to say the implementation is superior to that other product. There was also SCPlugin (for Subversion) for Mac, back in the years 2000. It used the old (officially supported by Apple) Finder contextual menu plugin API (for menu commands) and unsupported Finder binary patching for icon badges. It died slowly after release of macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), which disabled and killed the above mentioned API.