Keep track of GitHub Issues, projects, PR's, and milestones

Gitdash helps you keep track of large Github projects by helping you find what needs your attention quickly. Create custom boards of issue and pull request searches using our powerful and simple search engine.

Hey everyone! I'm excited to share a tool from one of my favorite makers @joshdover. As a product manager at a company that uses GitHub pretty extensively - I end up checking GitHub at least 20x's per day to check the status of various issues, PR's - and to track our milestone progress. Typically, I'd use a combination of 5+ tabs, and bookmarks to keep track of things that were important to me. With Gitdash, I can bring together every single piece of information that I want to see from GitHub into a centralized location. Now - with a single glance, I can see what issues have been assigned to me, what PR's my team has put up recently, how we are progressing through milestones, what issues I have lined up in our next milestone, and much more. It has a super powerful custom search builder, that allows you to pull pretty much any information you want out of GitHub for easy visualization. Highly recommend this tool to any product manager, engineer, engineering lead, or anyone who regularly uses GitHub to manage their development & product process!
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this looks cool
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@iice89 Thank you, let me know if you run into any issues or have ideas on how to make it a better tool for you!
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Hey all! I'm a tech lead, and I built this after I realized asking for status updates from my engineers was wasting everyone's time. I wanted to be able to quickly check in on how things were going and look for opportunities to where I could help my team crush their sprint tasks. When I looked around, I couldn't find a tool that did the most simple thing I wanted: saved searches of issues, all one page. I made GitDash so I could do just that–stay on top of everything going on in my team. Now, I'm using it quickly see pull requests that need code review, sprint tasks that my team members have picked up, and bugs that need my attention to be prioritized or scoped. I'd for you to try it out, and let me know what you think! We all have different workflows for project management, and I'd also love to hear how you and your team keep track of all the moving pieces! I built this with Firebase, React.js, and the wonderful material-ui component library and it's been a real joy to put together!
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