GitBird V2

GitBird reimagined - Tweet your commits

🙈The problem: Indie devs don't have time to update their users enough to keep them excited and in the loop about product. We should be writing code, not tweeting.

💡The idea: Developers don't tweet often, but they commit code almost everyday. GitBird lets you tweet product updates straight from the terminal; just add a webhook to your git repo!

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GitBird was posted to PH two weeks ago, and I immediately fell in love with the concept. The idea was great, but the presentation just wasn't where it needed to be. So, I commented and asked Mads if I could partner up with him. This v2 release is the result of a few days of working together with Mads on a new brand, landing page, and tweaking the pricing and messaging. This is what makes the ProductHunt community awesome! Be proud @rrhoover
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@rrhoover @itsthisjustin Congratulations on the relaunch!
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While i like the idea conceptually, i am not entirely convinced this is a good pattern for developers as commits are not generally intended to be consumer facing (unless your consumers are developers). The website appears to tackle this with consumer friendly commit messages but i feel that detracts from the purpose of VCS. All in all, i feel this service is trying to tie two very different worlds together in a way that doesn't feel entirely logical except in very specific cases.
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