Motorized standing desk for $2/day

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Juho S
@juhslk · All great roads go through PH
Price listed on the site was 2.15$/day or 780$. The per-day pricing model is good,but IKEA sells a very usable standing desk for 460$. What's the differentiator factor here?
@mantritech · Head of Growth and Product, SportOn
this is a great great idea!
Mateusz Jarosz
Very affordable price for a motorised desk, love it! Any plans to bring it to the UK?
Josh Enderle
You can now purchase standings desks for roughly $300-400 with great warranties. What's the factor here that drives this above your competitors?
Balaji R
@_theimmortal_ · Lead Android Engineer, Disney Labs
How are these compared to https://www.autonomous.ai/desk?