Gigwell Productivity Suite

Streamlining bookings between live entertainers & venues

Gigwell is changing the way live entertainment is booked globally. We're the first all-in-one booking platform to streamline the gig booking process between live entertainers and venues. We provide a simple solution for buyers and sellers to connect, manage availbilities and tour logistics, negotiate contracts and collect online payments.

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Hi Product Hunt, My name is Jeremie and I'm co-founder and CEO of Gigwell. My co-founders and I built Gigwell to help streamline the booking process between live entertainers and venues. Live events have become the primary source of revenue for entertainers (DJ's, musicians, comedians and public speakers) with the global talent booking industry accounting for nearly $200B annually. However, it's a field that is still dominated by Microsoft Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. Booking agents and event organizers are still spending countless hours editing word docs, sending email attachments, and scanning, faxing and driving around town to wire gig deposits. Our tool streamlines scheduling, contracting, and escrowing payments between booking agencies and event organizers, simplifying the buying process for both parties. Gigwell offers a simple solution to handle the entire booking process from end to end, without the agents or organizers having to leave their desks. My partners and I have held senior Sales/BD and Engineering roles at various Bay Area tech companies, but we've also lived and breathed this problem first-hand. We are co-investors in an SF nightclub, and our frustration with the current booking process is what drove us to build Gigwell. Today, customers on our platform are booking more talent, driving more revenue and getting paid in half the time. I believe that we are in a unique position as both technologists and event organizers to not only streamline an inefficient process but to grow the overall live entertainment market. I’ll be here all day to answer questions; you can email me directly at or message me on Twitter @gigwellofficial Warmly, Jeremie
Jeremie, Great idea. When did you launch Gigwell and what market are you currently targeting?
@richartruddie Thank you Richard! We launched last March and have primarily been targeting the music vertical, however we have a growing number of clients that manage comedians and public speakers.