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#4 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2015
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Gigscribe helps designers, developers, marketers and writers to save time and hassle finding the next freelance project to work on. No need to waste time checking different services and searching through shitty or irrelevant leads to finally stumble on something cool - with Gigscribe you'll receive a meticulously curated list of best gigs suited for you. @alexpotrivaev can answer your Q's!
Thanks Bram! Gigscribe was born out of pain I felt when started freelancing myself - too much unbillable time was spend on finding gigs, not on working on them. So I decided to help others tackle this problem more smartly. Will be glad to answer your questions, folks!
@alexpotrivaev Love the simple user interface explaining the product offering within seconds. Great Job!
@keeranravee Thanks a lot Keeran! Bob the Bear nails it)
Ohh wait... the logo... the job categories... Is this a coincidence? lol :D
@dylanfeltus Definitely an inspiration)
Love the name ;) Maybe I started a trend here > Nice site too!! Good luck with this. I wanted to do Freelance gigs at first, but took the easier route. Curious how you're finding the gigs.
@dylanfeltus Thanks Dylan! Jobscribe is awesome, it was actually one of initial inspirations. Regarding the algorithm, we are searching through the feed of 50+ resources with freelance jobs (from oDesk and Elance to Amazing Jobs and Craigslist) and we pick the best gigs manually.
@alexpotrivaev Where do you find all these gigs from? and if I'm looking for mobile dev gigs, is that considered front-end?
@djshiow We are searching through 50+ resources with freelance jobs (from oDesk and Elance to Amazing Jobs and Craigslist) and manually picking the best offerings. It's a lot of work so we decided not to move to all verticals at first (with separate iOS, Android, web etc categories) and combined them into fronted development for now. Depending on the need, I'll be adding other categories as well.