Find the perfect gift in minutes for everyone on your list

Giftopix is a web app created to help you with all your gifting needs. Use the Gift Wizard smart quiz to find awesome stuff in minutes for everyone on your list!

Other features: gift shortlists, search result optimization (similar items are collapsed into one), wrapping ideas for every gift, and a collection of handy tips.

A huge thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us down! Hey there, hunters! 👋 I'm Ivan, co-founder and maker of Giftopix. I always loved giving fabulous gifts: the only problem is that awesome gifting takes a whole damn lot of time—and is often quite stressful. We wanted to make gifting faster, more awesome, and less painful, so we created Giftopix: the gift platform that would take care of the gifting process A to Z, from the initial ideas to a few wrapping recommendations. 🎁 Giftopix works with over 900 tags representing different personality traits, activities, favorite things, or gift features. The idea was to use tags as sort of building blocks to find cool gifts. This process was still a bit slow in manual mode, so we created the Gift Wizard, a smart quiz that picks the tags that matter automatically, depending on the user’s answers. It’s like your personal gift-finding assistant! Today, our Wizard is finally here to help you rock the upcoming holidays. Give it a try and see how easy your gifting can be. 😉 Our grand goal is to make Giftopix able to find the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere, anytime - in less than 5 minutes instead of hours upon hours. So you can spend the rest of that time with that special person you love. :) P.S. Giftopix has about 3000 gifts and 900 tags at the moment - but we’ve barely scratched the surface with that. Also, some tags may feel a bit ”raw” at the moment, there’s still a lot of work ahead. We are launching Giftopix BETA right now because maybe it will help you guys this holiday season already. That would be just fabulous!
Hey @krievgen , @mirimesque and rest of makers! Congrats on reaching level god of UI, UX and affiliate!
Thanks a lot, @bulletskan , we’ll do our best to keep improving! :) We were in a hurry to publish this Beta due to the upcoming holidays, and this clearly has taken a toll on the UI/UX as well, but the main goal of finding a cool gift is still achieved in a lot of cases. Now it’s a matter of improving what we got since a lot of features are largely experimental (like the collapsed gift thumbnails). Every feedback counts, so thanks again, we really appreciate it! 😃
Great idea! I was thinking about such startup for years)
@perpetuous Thanks for the support, Sergey! We hope our project helped you find something amazing! 😃