Buy and send gift cards to your friends

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The current state of sending a gifting hasn't changed in decades. You drive to the store to purchase a gift card and greeting card. Inevitably, the gift recipient ends up losing one or both of these. Or, you'll receive a physical card (worse, an email eGift) that you now need to keep track of. We're changing all that with giftbook. The entire process, from purchasing, to personalizing, to receiving is done right on your iPhone. You'll never forget someone's birthday, or lose a gift card, or forget who sent you that incredible gift. It's truly bringing the gifting process into the 21st century.
@2neeraj made this. The app is well done and I've played with the beta for awhile. This makes it super easy to send thoughtful gifts to your friends (especially now that Christmas is coming up!)
@tzhongg thanks Tiffany!