Gift Wrap My Face

Give the gift of selfie with custom wrapping paper!

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Aryel Rivero
@aryelrivero · Founder,
TOP FIVE REASONS TO GIFT WRAP YOUR FACE (OR SOMEONE ELSE’S): 5) Eliminate recipient confusion and no more gift tags. 4) Everyone will be talking about your wrapping paper instead of your sub-par gift. 3) Save money by purchasing a sub-par gift. 2) It’s funny and kinda cute. 1) You know you want to.
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
The Imoji of gift wrapping, @danielbru! EDIT: I considered using my own face but this is far less predictable:
Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares
@fsxdil · Founder, Future Sports X
@danielbru @rrhoover Ha!
Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares
@fsxdil · Founder, Future Sports X
@AryelRivero is the creator of @GiftWrapMyFace - very talented and all out great guy!
Ray Hernandez@raydawg88 · Creative Director - Product Maker - Dad
This will be the first time in history that people give wrapping paper as actual gifts. Brilliant!
V2K@veetwokay · Founder - YOPO & NameMyWorld
A great idea indeed @aryelrivero.. The only thing that bothers me though, is that the recipient will eventually tear apart my picture.. Hahaha!!