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Gift Insights is a gift recommendation tool that helps you find things that your friends actually want.


  • Matt GilesDigital Marketing Manager

    Great for discovering products I didn't know existed


    Shipping to NZ can be pricey, but would be great for US, UK, AU, CAN etc

    Love this bot! Although it was good for helping me brainstorm gifts for friends, it was also great to discover new products that I didn't know I needed, sort of like what does.

    Matt Giles has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    This product makes my life much easier when coming up with gift ideas for my friends.


    Despite how helpful this product is, it kinda decreases the surprise element of the gift.

    Overall, I feel that this is a great product. Makes life so much easier, especially at the Christmas time of the year. Through this product I was able to discover items and gifts that I had never thought of before. Also, this product helped me to figure out gift ideas which are personal to the person I am giving them to. This is something I really liked about the product and made the product very useful.

    Hopefully the product becomes even better overtime (e.g. Improve the surprise element of the gifts). But otherwise great product!! :-)

    Raghav Garg has used this product for one week.


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Ming CheukMaker@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
Hi Product Hunt community! My name is Ming, and together with Daniel (@daniel_xu1), we are pleased to bring you Gift Insights! It’s a gift recommendation tool that helps you find gifts your friends and family actually want. It all started when we were looking to get a birthday gift for a good friend of ours. Finding a good gift was difficult, as we wanted it to be unique and something they’d actually enjoy. From then on, we decided that gift giving shouldn’t be this difficult and strived to solve the problem. We decided to build a bot on Facebook Messenger so people could use the tool without having to download anything. It also enabled Gift Finder, a nifty game to help you find a gift with the input of your friend without revealing what you will get them. We are happy to answer any questions and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions to make this even better!
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@daniel_xu1 @techno246 Cool idea! Do you have plans to use data collected from friend's Facebook / Instagram profiles to make personalised recommendations?
Ming CheukMaker@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
Thanks for the feedback @abadesi! We have thought about this However, we found there is limited data we can collect from social media due to Facebook's rather stringent data access policies (probably for the best!), and we don't want this to become too intrusive. However, we are currently building our own recommendation engine which will become smarter once more people use the service, especially when the gift giver becomes the receiver :)
Bogdan Soare@bogdansoare · Developer
Looks really nice. @techno246 did you use any platform like Chatfuel or is it custom ?
Ming CheukMaker@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
@bogdansoare Thanks! We built it using Microsoft Bot Framework, as it provided us a really nice framework for structuring the conversations in code yet it still gave us the control over custom message types for Facebook.
Bogdan Soare@bogdansoare · Developer
@techno246 Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know about Microsoft Bot Framework, I was looking at Botkit but this framework from Microsoft seems compelling
Ming CheukMaker@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
@bogdansoare We have evaluated both actually. We found that the conversation structuring in Bot Framework was a little tidier than Botkit, which is why we switched over. Also state management is built in so that conversation states don't reset when you redeploy or restart the server :)
Bogdan Soare@bogdansoare · Developer
@techno246 cool, that’s good to know, definitely going to take a deeper a look into both. Thank you very much for sharing this insights 🙌
Ming CheukMaker@techno246 · Tech enthusiast, co-founder Spark 64 Ltd
@bogdansoare You're welcome! All the best!