Gift Card Bank

Give a gift card to someone in need due to Coronavirus

Give a gift card to someone who has been most affected by the Coronavirus crisis.
Every year $3B of unspent gift cards go to waste! Gift Card Bank is on a mission to change that. Donate your spare gift cards to the families most affected by COVID-19!
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Really like this idea and hope it takes off. It's a clever idea to focus not on buying NEW gift cards but claiming the value left on partially spent cards... makes it a no-brainer for people to contribute that remainder to this cause. @khalil_fuller reached out to me after he saw me on the Help with Covid site. He put together his initiative quickly and is making a bunch of stuff happen quickly. Super impressed by his hustle and focus!
When I learned that $3 Billion worth of gift cards expire without being used every year, it felt like a no-brainer to find a way to match them directly with people who need some extra help.   Plenty of organizations working to encourage buying gift cards to local businesses right now. Gift Card Bank is tackling a wholly different problem. We're trying to collect that $10 gift card to Target that's been taking up space in your wallet for over a year. We'll bundle gift cards and find families affected by the economic fallout from Coronavirus who can put them to good use. Think of Gift Card Bank as a modern, instantly scalable new version of the classic "Food Bank" model. I welcome all product feedback and would love to partner with anyone who wants to solve this problem!