Search and send GIFs through your Mac menu bar

A really simple menu bar app giving you easy access to unlimited GIFs. Search with keywords and flick through until you find the one. Use your new found GIFs wherever you want with the convenient share links, or, save them for later by downloading.
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Ash, congrats on the launch app looks great! I use gifs way more often than I'd like to admit, so this is exciting. What sources do you use for your gifs? The biggest advantage I see here compared to built in Slack gif finders is the fact that you can scroll through and find the perfect gif for any situation. Super work
@marcperel Eyyy thanks Marc! Appreciate the kinds words. I use the Giphy API. I think It's these ease-of-use tools that I think people really want.
Fantastic. My colleagues better be ready :) Thanks, Ashley and team.
Thank you @till_koch1 I'm glad you like it :D Please feel free to give feedback or suggestions on ways you think I could improve the app.
Doesn't seem to be working on Catalina!?!? Has it been upgraded?