GIF Toaster for iOS

Advanced gif converter for videos, live photos & bursts

#5 Product of the DayJune 25, 2016
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Would love to see this for OSX
@eonpilot I would download now if it was for macOS.
@eonpilot Just use GIF Brewery
@megaroeny Gif brewery doesnt handle them dropshadows very well. Photoshop or drop2gif works better in that regard but has ots own kinks.
@eonpilot true. Just depends what you want it for I guess
This is the most advanced gif creator that I know. You can define duration, frame per second, size options when converting to a gif. It also has a gif browser, so you can see all the gifs in your camera roll. And it has a tool to combine gifs and convert gifs to videos😎
This look cool! Can I post my gifs to my Facebook straight away through this app?