Ghost for Facebook

Productivity app that keeps you invisible on Facebook chat.



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Cosmin Băluţă — Marketing, Interbrands
Nice app. I like it and i like the design. However, i don't see it as a paid app. It's a nice extension to have, but i'm not sure that i want THAT BAD to be unseen to spend 20 bucks/year. It's not expensive, it's just not something that i will pay for.
Jaafar Abdellaoui — Project manager,NAYZAK
@cosminbaluta When you have no alternative its definitely worth the price, its the price of a Starbucks after all :D
Haim Pekel — CEO & Co-founder @ Press on It
Hi @cosminbaluta, This app aims to help people maintain a productive routine during the day.

There are a lot of people who need to maintain productivity and sometimes need to use Facebook without getting sucked in - that's what we help to facilitate.

I try to be productivity, and I like to play games, and I like to see videos and read posts and comments, and I love to chat, but not always at the same time.

Doing everything together is multitasking, and that's horrible for your productivity. You think you’re doing a lot but you’re achieving nothing. Appearing as not available allows you to target just the tasks you want to perform and not to get dragged in, it's that simple.

There are a lot of productivity apps out there that don't have to-do lists features including recuse time, Log me in, Feedly etc, people who need them pay for them.

Hope this answers your question of why you should pay for this app, thank you for commenting!
Juuso Lyytikkä — Head of Growth at
@cosminbaluta Working with digital marketing and spending loads of time every day on Facebook (working), I definitely think I can enhance my productivity worth more than 20 USD/year with this app.
Haim Pekel — CEO & Co-founder @ Press on It
@juusolyytikka @cosminbaluta Glad to hear that, I'm a digital marketer as well, and working on Facebook is not easy :)
Loukman Nacik — Co-founder @
@haimpekel @juusolyytikka @cosminbaluta basically the idea of Ghost came out of a daily need for a distraction-free Facebook experience, it's definitely a productivity enhancer !
Wojtek Witkowski — Rayfeed
@cosminbaluta Here's how you can do it for free right on Facebook.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Love the "unseen" mode
Haim Pekel — CEO & Co-founder @ Press on It
Hi @rrhoover, glad you liked it! :)
Loukman Nacik — Co-founder @
@rrhoover What about the Ghost mode ?
Joel Nicoletti — Product Manager, Doodle
@haimpekel Doesn't work for me… whether I open the messages on or click on a persons name in the messages drop down menu next to the notifications (top right corner). The senders always immediately get an indication that've read their messages.

Ghost mode works fine tough (as long as I don't open messages).
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