Postman collections on your iOS devices

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GetWorks is a desktop-class HTTP client for iOS. Monitor, test, and manage APIs from anywhere with a GUI optimized for both iPad and iPhone. Postman API integration allows users to automatically download Postman collections to their devices.

  • Pros: 

    having my rest scripts on my ipad


    Every time i try to add the postman API key, the app crash

    just got the app on itunes to find out it doesn't do what advertise when it comes to postman

    Ricardo Elena has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    looks not bad


    App crashes when syncing with postman

    App crashes when syncing with postman

    Alexander Kalmykov has used this product for one day.
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Rob Chinery
Rob ChineryMaker@rob_chinery · Founder @
I originally built GetWorks as an internal tool for testing APIs from mobile devices, but recently decided to clean it up a bit and release it publicly. Special thanks to the team at Postman for building an excellent application that served as the inspiration for GetWorks. I also utilized the Postman Pro API to build an integration that allows users to enter their API key and automatically download their Postman collections to their device. The integration currently only retrieves data from the Postman API, but future updates will allow for changes to be posted as well. The app is still in a somewhat early stage so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to use one of the below App Store promo codes: 6PALTMLJE39J T7NKMARTRE6E X3WX33FTRNA3 9AXMAKWHRJYL FRWEYT7TX9EE 6RWY97TKH937 YJ6WPNKYMJJX P3NXRRE6W3L7 LAKEYWWPT9JA HHHMF3N4YAR9 RHY34WHHW7PA TT3966F9L6M9 7NMT9X7HRHRE 9XP6XYTJRWAJ TTKLTR6MKHRP NR3HXA6PNMPM 6HWLM9MR9JRX M9X4HTK4PNER 4YHP7JPNTFEN J7EL6F6WMLWF 44NHLYF4PRLM LW4XJRNFEAMR LN6NNEKMHTLN 9RKTNMTLJWJ3 3XAKHMPX67NW
Parwinder Bhagat
Parwinder Bhagat@parwinder · Software Architect @ Pampered Chef
@rob_chinery Thanks. Used LW4XJRNFEAMR Going to give this a try and post feedback
Michel Goñi
Michel Goñi@michel_goni
Thanks a lot. Used LAKEYWWPT9JA