Remote desktop from your browser. Fast one-click access. Office management. Technical support.
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Hello Product Hunt, thanks to @kevin We are very excited to launch our very first project. In our lives, we had to deal with connecting to remote desktops so many times. It seemed strange that there was still no simple and straightforward solution to connect in web. Regularly faced with the pain that current software delivers, we came up with the idea to make something simpler and more convenient. WebRTC, as the new browser technology, seemed to us a good basis for the new solution. It allows you to transmit peer-to-peer data with minimum delay. After posting our idea on a forum, we got the first feedback and understood that we are not the only ones who needed it. Inspired by this support, we started to work on the project. The result is an app as small as 2 MB that allows you to establish a connection using a regular URL. Try connecting to our demo server right now at We came up with a personal account for continuous access where you can manage your desktops and servers. Instead of licenses for each workplace, one paid account is enough for one corporate network. We believe in our project and we work hard. Over a year, we released versions for Windows, macOS and Linux, changed our design several times, implemented new features, got our first paying customers and saw first posts about us on technology websites. Soon we’re going to add TurboVisor to make the work of our support even simpler. It will help them avoid unnecessary IDs and password exchanges using a simplified connection process: We understand how important it is to integrate this solution into the existing customer infrastructure. So our plans are to make our product compatible with other popular tools. Our key strengths: • Quick Web Access • Single Control Center • Low Corporate Costs • Integrations (with Web); We know that every developer is biased about their product, so every feedback helps us make it even better. Please test and share your opinion. We will be happy to accept your comments and try to answer all your questions. We’ve prepared a promotional code (PRODUCTHUNT) for the Product Hunt community. Please use it to apply a 50% discount for your first three months. Thank you for your time and have a great day!
@kevin @farid_shamsutdinov This looks awesome! I do remote tech support and have not been able to find a service that doesnt require that the user download a client. For the population I service downloading and installing is difficult. If I can email them a link and then make a connection via the link it will save me so much time and my clients so much head ache.
@andrewjb44 Thank you for your feedback. We are already working on a technical support solution right now. It will be available soon.
@farid_shamsutdinov I did notice that when I looked at your solutions. Is there any way to avoid the download?
@andrewjb44 We plan to add a view (without control) of the remote desktop without downloading the file. To control the download and launch the program (not installed) is required.
I was literally just thinking the other day about how I wish this existed! And now it does. Awesome!
I’ve used Getscreen and this is a far better idea that any other company can offer. Is it fresh? Yes. Does the today’s world need it? Yes. As an ordinary user who sometimes needs remote access, I’m more than happy. And now they’re releasing some business features. Looking forward to seeing where it comes.
@artyomradulov Thank you for using our product.
I think this is a great idea and a great product considering how fast the whole world is switching to remote work and remote learning. Lots of businesses and schools were already challenged with supporting remote users and there was no one-click solution available in the market. I do like the idea of controlling someone else's screen through the browser since it removes a lot of friction in the process of debugging issues in software-based services. The business model of integrating with customer support systems like Freshdesk and Zendesk is one of the most obvious paths to the commercial success of this project but you can also consider partnering with schools and other educational institutions. I've used the demo app and the whole experience is really slick! As a software engineer, I know how challenging it is to implement real-time streaming in browser but you guys did a really great job tackling this!
@andrey_chernykh Thank you for the feedback. Yes, of course. We understand the importance of this direction. We'll think about integrating with educational institutions. Especially in today's environment.
teamviewer will detect personal use as commercial use. and block you. so it's just chrome remote and getscreen for now.
@manoj91 Thank you for the feedback. Yes, of course you're right. Use our solution. We have more handy features for personal use than Chrome Remote Desktop ;)