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Hi there, maker of GetIncredibles! Thanks for the invite Niv ;) The reason we have been building this is that there is a growing trend of companies going all-remote. And in the media industry, especially games, contents are in the form of bursts, an artist creates an asset and his/her job is done, so what we want to give to the Games/AR/VR industry are top-notch artists who can work for you from anywhere around the World -- we call them Incredibles ;) So if you're an artist or belong to a Games/AR/VR company, please let me know what you think of it. Thanks ^.^ p.s. Work above shown in images is proprietary, of artists onboard with us.
@abdussamit Upwork for AR/vr! Great! Just made a profile for a project. Looking forward to seeing the talent selection. 🀞
@nassaraf Haha yes kind of. Shall let you know, thanks :')