Get waves

A simple web app to generate svg waves, unique every time

Generate SVG waves for your next design.
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Awesome, got it right
I was looking for something like this just a few weeks ago. Side note - if there's a brief millisecond where your hero section loads without the SVG, I recommend encoding it and adding it directly to your CSS. You can use something like to get the background-image CSS. It fixed the minor flash of unstyled content I was experiencing.
Thanks @jonnymaceachern, will look into that :)
@richardzimerman I should clarify, that was for people using the SVG. There are no issues with your tool or site.
Wow. This thing will save me loads of time. Any possibility of being able to add multiple layers of waves? I was able to generate multiple and then just paste the code together.
@jackharner the UI of the tool is actually already set up for this, since this was an originally planned feature. Half the code is in there already, so this feature will be added eventually.
Let me make some waves for my 404 page:
Cool! Thanks a lot!
Wish I had more upvotes to give. I started using it as soon as it was released. Removes my pain points in creating those pesky backgrounds.