Get My Receipts by cloudHQ

Organize your receipts in one click

This year make taxes easy.
Digital receipts and invoices flood our inbox. In order to organize them for taxes or for expense reports, this is the easiest tool to use. Just click on "Get My Receipts" in Gmail, and it'll organize your receipts in a spreadsheet.
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Farbod Saraf
Ariel Assaraf
Rami M. Amin
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  • Rami M. Amin
    Rami M. AminNot a Growth Hacker

    No setup needed + runs in background


    None so far

    cloudHQ have a great record with creating time saving tools that simply work well :) I used to do some Gmail automation to achieve the same task of tagging my payments and invoices and like seeing a simple plugin like this to make it easier.

    Rami M. Amin has used this product for one week.
  • Ariel Assaraf
    Ariel AssarafCo-founder & CPO - Coralogix

    1 click to organize my email receipts for my tax returns. Pretty sweet!


    None so far, been using a lot of CloudHQs products and they’re always spot on.

    Love it :)

    Ariel Assaraf has used this product for one day.