Get Groomed

Get Groomed connects you with mobile barbers in your area

Get Groomed is a mobile platform that connects you with professional mobile barbers in your area so that you can have the finest grooming services that caters to your style, at a place and time that suits you.
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Is this in London only at the moment?
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@danielkempe Yes, we are planning to grow outside London soon as the tech is ready for expansion.
Great product! Would love if this was international πŸ‘
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Thank you @lachlankirkwood 😊 we will be there soon, watch this space !
When I arrived in London a few years ago I realized the male beauty/grooming scene was outdated and inconvenient, especially for people doing long hours who couldn't go to the salon/barbershop after work. The reviews for barbershops were not reliable and there was barely anybody bringing convenience to the table. We decided to bring a platform for mobile barbers to connect with customers in order to offer high quality services for busy individuals at a place and time that was convenient for them.