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Hey guys. This is the ultimate connection tool. You can get anyone's email address so long as they have a LinkedIn account. Want to connect with that VC? Want to meet that amazing client? Do it through email- it's such a great first impression vs an InMail.
That is amazing! Naomi, you're now in my Google Contacts :). I am already a CloudHQ client since I started using their service to make sure our whole Dropbox drive is backed up to Amazon S3. It's the easiest solution I found to make that happen.
@miriamschwab Thank you Miriam for all your support and loyalty! 🙏🏽Have you seen some of our other free product launches? You might really like them: http://cloudhq.net/chrome_extens...
@nassaraf I hadn't seen your other free products! Very cool.
@miriamschwab Thanks! Love that you now have a chance to see what we've been up to! :)
@tommy_bar_av Totally. It's a really useful tool.
Great idea! I'll try it this week as well!
@karinetrepanier Thanks, Karine! I see you are a co-founder of Voo- this is great to use for contacting VCs that you wouldn't otherwise have a chance to meet! Good luck! :)
This looks amazing - def makes my life so much easier when I'm looking for leads
@chloealpert That's exactly what we've set out to do: Make your life easier with this free #sales tool! :)
Super useful, love it !
@arielassaraf Thanks, Ariel! Email is a great way to make more meaningful first impressions!
Works perfectly :)