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Only USA? Not in the Canadian store
@scotty_mcq not yet but in the near future
Incredibly easy. Edit: Seems to be having a network error. Continuously says it is “offline”.
@keithellwood Hi Keith - Can you kill it and reopen and let me know if that fixes it for you? Also are you on cell, cell/wifi, or just wifi for my information? Thanks!
@erik_lukas hey hey, tried on data/WiFi. Have killed the app. It did work when I first opened and I logged into a Gmail account. I’ll try to delete & reinstall it. Currently running iOS 11 beta on iPhone 7+.
@erik_lukas uninstalled. Installed and signed in again. It seems to be getting caught up when I try to select multiple emails. It will than not allow me to drag them and throw them into the trash. I’ll exit the app completely. Try to load it and that’s when the “offline” error comes up.
@keithellwood thanks, Keith. I can't seem to reproduce that with the multi-selection and toss to trash. I'll keep having others try in case there is a bug there though. The details help, appreciate it! I'll let you know if I turn up anything insightful around the issue you're having
@keithellwood @erik_lukas Not getting any errors, lightning fast for an email app. WAY easier to sort and triage inbox from this interface.