Geosocial Index

The world’s top places, ranked by social activity & capacity

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Hi everyone! We want to organize the social activity of key places around the world. We couldn't find an online social ranking of locations, so we set out to build one. Geosocial Index aggregates the public social activity shared from specific locations and considers factors like capacity and recency. We started with hotels, sports, and hospitals. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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@socialnerdia Looks awesome. Great resource. Is the location data coming from 4square and Twitter mainly?
Hi @Estaban this is an amazing product. Its Google Maps + Yelp! for Social media assets! Well done!
@socialnerdia we've got to have coffee sometime to catch up!
@sergesalager sounds good! Would be great to meet IRL
Advertised as 'worlds top places' but appears to be US only. Maybe I'm missing something?
@samjohnson__ Currently hospitals and stadiums are indeed US and Canada only, and there are many top hotels listed globally. We're working to expand the list to be more comprehensive.
Congrats Esteban and team, this looks great!
@Esteban awesome product - are you pulling in check-in data from Foursquare (via Swarm) and/or Facebook?
@arashnarchi We are focused on Instagram content as this is where most of the activity happens in the verticals where we've started - Instagram content also tends to make its way to Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. We are working on new sources as well as new verticals for places. Thanks for checking it out!
@socialnerdia makes sense and more users too. good stuff :)