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Find your next great investment idea with Genuine Impact. Quickly compare over 13,000 stocks & funds from around the world. Monitor your watchlist & stay up to date with the latest investment analysis from top investors. Available globally on iOS & Android.
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Great product, great team. I'm already an annual subscriber.
Hi Product Hunt 👋 Genuine Impact's founder here. We're on a mission to help you go beyond your potential as an investor. To do that, we make it easy for you to find your next great investment idea. There's been a surge in the number of people who have started investing for the first time recently. But due to the current economic uncertainty, choosing good investments for the long term is more important than ever. Investors need tools to help them discover solid ideas and GI is here to provide that guidance. I just wanted to share a bit more about our story. I was working at asset manager BlackRock, along with our co-founder, when I came up with the idea. A friend had just let the business and was lost without their beloved Bloomberg terminal when they came to make personal investments. We've taken some of the same sophisticated methods for analysing investments that we used and built them into the app, to make them accessible for everyone. The incredible support from our crowdfunding investors has enabled us to develop this app, ready for our launch on Product Hunt today. Here's some of the most useful features in the app so far: - Review your existing portfolio: See how well the stocks and funds in your portfolio are ranked, compared to over 5,000 stocks and almost 8,000 funds from around the world. We'll show you better ranked similar stocks and funds. - Discover new investments: Curated collections of stocks and funds, like "Invest like Buffett" and "Star active managers" make it easy to find new ideas. - Make better investment decisions: Keep up with the latest updates and analysis from top investors including BlackRock, Vanguard and Fidelity. But we've got a lot more planned. For example, we're also finding creative ways to continue developing our service, despite having to rethink our priorities due to coronavirus. We recently launched a beta version of our web app (, which we built using Notion. We'd appreciate your feedback 🙌 and I'll be here to answer questions all day!
I have used the Genuine Impact app and found it very useful. I understand stocks, but I'm never really sure which ones will will grow over time. I found the quick comparison of stocks useful
@joe_simmons Thanks for feedback, that's great to hear!
Looks great and as an avid investor I'll love to see how this can inform my choices further
@petejayhuang great to hear that and let us know how you found the product!
Considering the time we spend comparing stock prices this is a sound investment. The product is well-tested, much needed and of high quality. The most notable feature for me at least is that Genuine Impact analysis stocks and funds covering all the major exchanges. Congratulations and good luck.
@dsarkar 🤝 greatly appreciated 🤝