Generate Spotify playlists based on Tumblr blogs

genly generates spotify playlists based on tumblr blogs.

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Hello, friend. I tried this on my blog and it works perfectly. Simple, easy to use and very useful.
Hi hunters, I'm Onur, working as a backend developer. I use tumblr for 8 years and i share lots of music on tumblr after spotify released. Then, want to make a playlist with these posts but i did not find any app for this. I created a web app that generates a spotify playlist based on tumblr blog posts. I hope someone needs something like this and use it! Thanks! πŸ‘Œ
@onurkayaio Hey! I wanted to try this out but unfortunately every time I type in my blog address (which isn't private), I get "blog not found".
@georgiaho Hello Georgia, thanks for feedback. I send you a message, can you check it?
Hey @onurkayaio πŸ‘‹Even if unrelated it would be sweet to have the same thing that works for Facebook groups, there are loads of music sharing groups on Facebook that only post YouTube links and it would be great to convert them to Spotify playlists!
@yaserahmady thanks for advice. Not bad idea but facebook restricted so many endpoints of api... Probably won't be able to launch an app like this. πŸ˜•
@onurkayaio There's the new Groups API and you can get a group's posts! A group member has to get the Access Token for the group tho! πŸ”—
@yaserahmady Oh nice, I'll check it out. Maybe next side project will be this πŸ˜‰