Generous Support

Support local businesses during COVID-19

Like many people, I've been looking at ways to support local businesses during COVID-19 . I built Generous Support as a 100% free marketplace where local businesses can list their businesses, vouchers, offerings and ask for local support.
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Hi PH'ers! I'm hoping this 100% free marketplace becomes useful for people wanting to give & receive help during this challenging time. I need all the help I can get in terms of publicity so I'd love if you could share this PH page with anyone who needs help. I've added ways you can help on the "How It Works" page and am open to suggestions for making it as useful as possible. Thanks for the love!
Love the idea. How do you sign up a new business?
Thanks @paulanderie ! If you click on “Add a business” up on the top right, you’ll be able to add the details.