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Easy way to make a landing page for your startup

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I was delighted when it jumped into the creation process after scrolling down the page. Here are a few more WYSWYG landing page creators on PH: - Strikingly - Simple Mobile Optimized Landing Page - Landing Gear - Construct landing pages in seconds - QuickMVP - Landing pages to test your product ideas cc @TO - Lander - Create landing pages And if you want inspiration, check out Land Book.
@rrhoover Generator is by far the easiest to use...if they build/partner to host the pages as well, they have a great product. Is it free?
@mzuvella Generator isn't. I looked at it a while back and I think it's $250 for the first site you buy and $150 each one after that. Lots of landing page options out there and these guys have a good one.
@SacBookReviewer Ah yeah, I see it now. You have to be a 'Startup Framework' customer.
This is really great, I just can't justify $250 for a basic landing page I could make with Bootstrap in relatively quick time.

don't force me to use the site, before i get the pricing!




hidden pricing

Generator is cool. QuickMVP is not intending to be a landing page creator long-term. It's meant to give entrepreneurs a projection for a business idea and to optimize user activation.
I really like this, it is the perfect intersection of Easy Website Builder and Building Your Own HTML website